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Fortis is an international markets, finance and risk management partner based in Vancouver, Canada. We specialize in bringing together suppliers and buyers of a variety of internationally traded products
from our roots in the forest products business.


For sellers we provide:

  • A proven global network of sales opportunities managed to match partner production capabilities and maximize achieve financial objectives
  • The ability to improve our partners cash flow through innovative transaction financing. We will absorb the risk and convert extended payment terms in offshore markets into timely payments to you backed by domestic guarantees
  • Risk Management
  • Logistics for point of sale to end customer including all customs clearance, inland and warehousing required
  • Market Intelligence
  • Variable cost export department
  • Market penetration in markets that are out of reach for your own sales force

For buyers we provide:

  • Supply of products that fit the buyers requirements both technically and financially
  • Availability to a broad range of global suppliers
  • Flexible payment terms and methodology
  • Innovative logistics solutions

Sponsor of:
Forest Legacy Foundation
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